The BlackBrook AJS TNP90


This is the first guitar Andy has made commercially available.

 Its main (striking) features are the deeply carved and gouged front and back mahogany body, all of which has been done by hand, giving the guitar stunning looks and weighs somewhere between an LP & SG.

The top horn being a little longer lets the guitar hang nicely and fits just right!

Access to the higher frets is aided with the above shaping and ample relief to the heel of the neck.

The thru neck is C shaped and is a full vintage depth, carved from one solid piece of mahogany.

The fret board is a slab of Kingwood and bound with contrasting hardwoods to hide the fret wire ends and the head stock has a matching Kingwood overlay.

The scale is 24 9/16” & has 22 jumbo frets with mother of pearl mops.

Sticking with the vintage feel, this guitar is fitted with adjustable wrap around bridge, twin height adjustable Bare Knuckle P90 pickups and a pair of strip deluxe tuners.

The whole guitar is finished with a durable high gloss finish.




The AJS TNP90 GuitarCarved mahogany body ready for staining

The AJS TNP90 Guitar
The AJS TNP90 GuitarKingwood headstock overlay and truss rod ajustment
AJS Head
AJS Front
The AJS TNP90 GuitarStained, laquered and strung.
AJS Front top
The AJS TNP90 Guitar
AJS Back Bottom
AJS Hatch