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New for 2017, Notus AFB/Longbow January 04, 2017
New for 2017, Notus AFB/Longbow. Major step forward in Dynamic stability. More info and photos early Feburary. ... [MORE]

Minimum Draw Weight Allowed June 09, 2016
Please note:  From here on the minimum reccomended arrow weight is to be Nine Grains Per Pound Draw Weight,  And ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of Eight... [MORE]

Should you wish to make your own strings I strongly advise you AGAINST using " UHMWPE " it will be too harsh on the bow and your guarantee will be voi June 01, 2016
Should you wish to make your own strings I strongly advise you AGAINST using " UHMWPE " it will be too harsh on the bow and your gua... [MORE]

1 new Stock bow + 1 Used bow April 24, 2016
1 New Sigma Neo G bow 1 Used Sigma Neo C bow ... [MORE]

NEO AFB's March 28, 2016
The new AFB upgrade option -  "Neo" Available on all new Zeta & Sigma American Flat B... [MORE]

ActionBoo Core Laminations January 13, 2016
Having used up all our existing stock of Actionboo limb core lamination material, we were looking into ordering a new batch only ... [MORE]

Stock Bows December 01, 2015
We have two stock bows for sale Jump the waiting list and have a new bow for Christmas :o) Take a look here ... [MORE]

The All New Tanto TDR May 23, 2013
Introducing the all new  TANTO çlick Here for more pictures Being Launched at the 3D Champs  May 25 & 26 ... [MORE]

Stock Bows Available... GNAS now recognises American Flat Bow June 10, 2012
We now have 3 bows in stock for sale ----------------------------------------------------------------- GNAS now recognises American Fla... [MORE]

Two new bows February 22, 2012
Introducing the Omega 3 Piece longbow and the Semi Recurve More info to follow ... [MORE]

Cirrus 62 & 64" Recurve August 01, 2011
Cirrus 62 & 64" Recurve  More info to follow.... [MORE]

CC TDR April 10, 2011
CC TDR   The Carbon Composite version of the TRD riser will be on display at the Scottish and 3D Champs   ... [MORE]

The BlackBrook Fita Longbow January 20, 2011
The BlackBrook Fita Longbow   See more here... [MORE]

BlackBrook Carbon Recurve Limbs February 27, 2010
BlackBrook's recurve limbs now come with a carbon option. This is not just a gimmick, the strategically placed carbon substantially improves to... [MORE]

Named Nisus November 17, 2009
Project Christine has produced the Nisus.   A 54 to 56" one piece recurve, short, agile & fast.   ... [MORE]

Project Christine October 31, 2009
A new bow is born; its that new it hasn't got a name yet! Codenamed " Project Christine ". Think BlackBrook Hybrid, only 10" shorter with f... [MORE]

Congratulations To Steve Morley September 29, 2009
Congratulations to Steve Morley for winning the World 3D Fita Championships   Steve wins Gold in Italy this month after shooting ... [MORE]

The All New Sigma Flat Bow September 07, 2009
BlackBrook Bows are proud to announce the launch of a brand new AFB - Longbow "Sigma". Following on from the great success of the Zeta, the S... [MORE]