The All New Sigma, American Flat Bow/Longbow
Following on from the Zeta's 5 year evolution, working with the top archers in Europe (you know who you are:o), not to forget Andy's own endless R&D! we have designed the Sigma.
The main area of development has been the handle weight and geometry, slight tweaks to the limbs and an improved building process. As always, material choice/selection and attention to detail are as keen as ever.
The long and the short of it..... it's easier to set up and shoot and just as fast as the Zeta!
Bow lengths 64 up to 70"; 66" being ideal for a 28" draw length.
Below,  optional Bocote riser wood and Fita upgrade.
Sigma C Bocote
Sigma C Bocote Front
Sigma C Bocote Belly

Below, Optional Extra, Bocote with no wenge & purple heart stripes
Sigma Down on Shelf

Sigma Shelf

Sigma Side

SigmaSide Grip

Sigma Full Draw

Sigma Belly Overlay
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Under Finger Overlays
An optional extra, available in matching or contasting woods, Carbon weave or twill
and coloured glass fibre
Overlay black n red Overlay Bubinga
Overlay Dymondwood