The Hybrid, as the name suggests, is a mix of recurve handle and AFB/Longbow limbs. It's aimed at the recurve archer who likes the idea of shooting an AFB/LB.
The handle is set back to increase its performance and the arrow shelf can be cut past centre; the limbs of the bow pictured below are along the lines of the well proven Zeta but, if requested, I can make them more reflexed when braced.
The C version of this bow can keep up with the modest recurves out there.
I'm told that it's Fita Longbow legal.
Available in 64-66-68-70" bow lengths; 66" is ideal for a 28" draw length.
Hyb Braced
Hyb Riser
Hyb riser 3
hyb Shelf
Hybrid UnbracedHybrid Braced



Hybrid Mac RearHybrid Mac SideHybrid Mac Side Down




Hybrid Serp Side
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