Bow options & Prices


Bow Prices


Andy only buys the best materials, as many have discovered that short cuts, cheap alternatives and
 ‘we can make it cheaper’ attitude will only come back and bite you!

When it comes to composites and adhesives he goes straight to the experts in their

fields. Unfortunately, this means he has to some times deal with companies in the States and EU.

The exchange rates at the moment aren’t good and at best variable. Also timber merchants have been reluctant in keeping their stocks topped up and he has found as the good sought-after wood stocks get low, the prices go up!


What this means is that the bow prices listed below are only as a guide line; they may vary a little when you place your order – the best idea is to ‘phone for an up to date quote, based on your personal requirements.


The prices below are for the Standard bows, which normally have a bubinga with wenge and purple heart striped handle and maple main core & gloss black limbs. All bows come ready to shoot with a Brownell's Astro Flight string, arrow plate or rest as required.


AFB / Longbows:

Zeta & Sigma  Std                     £495.00

Notus Std                                 £590.00



Recurves:     Hybrid                   £510.00
                  Hunter                  £585.00
                  Cirrus                    £695.00
                  Carbon Cirrus         £790.00

                  Tanto                     £910.00

                  Carbon Tanto          £1005.00

                  TDR                       £885.00

                  Carbon TDR            £980.00


Post and Packing                     

Post and packing is not included; Mainland UK ranges from £15 to £35 plus insurance if you want it. 
 You are more than welcome to collect in person.

European Union between £45 and £65



Out of fairness to other customers, a non-refundable deposit of £25 will be needed to secure your place on the waiting list.
Before we order materials or start work on your order, we will need a further deposit (see below).

There’s normally a 12 to 15 week waiting list, in which case you will have 10 weeks to change you mind on what you have ordered. After that work will have commenced on your bow and your full deposit will have been spent and no longer be refundable!

Deposits (inclusive to initial £25)

English Longbow                       £100

Carbon backed bows                 £200


Full Payment

The bow has to be paid for in full (cheque cleared) before dispatch or collection.

Payment can be made: direct to bank account, cheque or cash.



Optional extras

An upgrade to handle woods                                   plus    £10 to £35
Actionwood handle upgrade                                  Plus    £85
Under finger overlays                                            plus    £15 to £25

Recurve, plunger and stabiliser bushes                 plus    £15 each

Glass backed limbs, clear glass option                   plus    £25 one face; £50 for both faces

Fancy wood veneer under the clear glass              plus    £10 to £25 for each face 
Carbon re-enforced recurve limbs                        plus     £95

** Upgrade from Maple to ActionBoo core                 plus    £25  **

Spare string                                                           plus    £15 to £25
60# and over draw weight surcharge                    plus    £25
Fita Longbow upgrade                                            Plus    £45
Neo AFB option (see below)                                   Plus    £50
Carbon Reinforced Recurve limbs 
BlackBrook's recurve limbs come with a carbon option.
The strategically placed carbon substantially improves torsional stability in the limb.


Carbon Backed

 The AFB/Longbow and Hybrids are available with carbon backing. These are known as the “C” £95.00




** Having used up all our existing stock of Actionboo limb core lamination material, we were looking

into ordering a new batch only to find that has a new specification which is much heavier than it used to be.

So from 14 01 16 onwards orders taken will be completed with Rock Maple which is  much lighter, will produce a better limb and will not change the prices listed.   **


AFB upgrade option -  "Neo"

Available on all new Zeta, Sigma & Notus American Flat Bows/Longbows, both the standard (G) and carbon (C) versions.

A twofold speed increase is achieved by lowering the brace height and reducing the mass weight of the limbs, So

More efficient with existing stored energy.

Available to new bow orders only: sorry, existing bows can't be modified.



Please note:  From 01 02 16 the minimum reccomended arrow weight is to be Nine Grains Per Pound Draw Weight,  And ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of Eight Grain Per Pound Draw Weight !

For example: Draw weight = 45 pounds at 28"

45 x 9= 400 grains minimum all up arrow wieght.

Shooting a lighter arrow or dry loosing WILL damage your bow and your guarantee will be void !





Should you wish to make your own strings I strongly advise you AGAINST using " UHMWPE " it will be too


harsh on the bow and your guarantee will be void!



Please note all prices are in GBP Sterling.