Bow Weight And Draw Length



  We, like many other manufacturers, use the AMO standards of measuring the draw weight of a bow.


 The standard 28” draw length is 28” from the back of the bow (the bit that faces the target)
 which is also 26¼” from the pivot point (throat of the grip). 
 This is because the depth of a Recurve or AFB/Longbow’s arrow shelf has an AMO measurement of 1¾”.


  So, if you order a 45 lb bow, “45 AMO” will be written on the bottom limb and you will have
  45 lb draw weight on your fingers when drawn to 26¼”.


  Just to clarify; Your Actual or True draw length and weight is measured to the pivot point only; so your arrow
  length is not the same as your True draw length.

AMO Lengths


  You may be wondering why we’re telling you this.

  Well, to make sure we are both measuring the bow weight from the same place, which will help you order the correct weight bow and also aid arrow shaft selection.


  When ordering one of our bows you are welcome to visit our workshop to be measured up.  At the
  same time it could be worthwhile bring along your old bow so we can weigh it for you; you’ll be
  surprised how many mass-produced bows are incorrectly weight marked!
  As hard as we try to hit the exact draw weight ordered,  sometime we need a little tolerance of plus or minus 2 lb's.