The Fita Longbow

The BlackBrook
Fita Longbow
We now offer a Fita version of our Sigma and Zeta longbows
The main differences between normal and the Fita versions are; Arrow shelf is cut past centre making bow / arrow tuning much easier, and the limbs have reflexed tips at brace height, this makes the limbs more efficient and smoother to draw.
The handle will come with extra re-enforcement and under finger overlays as standard.
GNAS Leagal
 The following images show a Sigma C Fita, with a Bocote handle
 Sigma C Bocote
Sigma C Bocote Belly
Sigma C Bocote Front
Sigma Fita Side Braced
Sigma Fita Side Braced 2
This bow was made 3/16" cut past centre.
Sigma Fita Shelf BellySigma Fita Shelf Overlay
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Please Note: The Fita Longbow does NOT comply with
NFAS, EFAA and IFAA Longbow / AFB rules
it would have to be shot in the recurve classes!